Kuai Kuai Corn Puff
Kuai Kuai Coconut Butter

The rich and fragrant coconut milk contributes to an agreeable sweetness, culminating in a classic and perfectly balanced flavor, a nostalgic taste for everyone of all ages.

Kuai Kuai Bistro-Braised Pork Rice
Peacock Biscuit - Original
Peacock Wafer Roll - Coffee
Peacock Crispy Cracker - Fish Flavored
Miaoli Daihu Strawberry Rice Kuai Kuai
Kuai Kuai Picnic Mat
New Product

The new brand "Kuai Kuai Bistro" series is launched!
A pack of snacks and a delicious dish, bringing out the authentic taste of Taiwan. The first wave of the classic braised pork rice + winter melon tea set menu will be served to you by Kuai Kuai Bistro!

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Brand Hall

Shengli New Village Victory Star Kuai Kuai1968

Take you into the world of Kuai Kuai · Kuai Kuai Story House

Address: No. 89號, Qingdao St, Pingtung City, Pingtung County, 900

Opening hours: Monday ~ Thursday 10:30-18:30 (closed every Tuesday and Wednesday)
★Free admission  ★With Sales department